Ant Control

The occasional ant in your home may not seem like a significant problem. However, when you see one ant, thousands more are very close. Ants are challenging to remove on your own, and commercially bought sprays don’t always eliminate the source of the problem.
When you need ant control in your Kingwood home or business, trust the exterminators at Rainbow Pest Control. Our team knows how to remove your ant problem permanently, along with your stress and frustration. Every team member is equipped with the tools to get the job done, including safe and effective ant control materials.


Ants Common in the Kingwood Area

Several species of ants are commonly found in the Kingwood area. We frequently combat infestations of the following:

  • Fire ants,
  • Carpenter ants,
  • Pharaoh ants,
  • Crazy ants,
  • and Argentine ants

are known for eating greenery and may destroy your lawn. If any of these ants are making their homes in your yard, you’re at risk for physical and structural damage and incurring the financial cost of repairs.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Ants are everywhere. They can be a great addition to nature, but not to your home. If a colony lives close to your home or business, ants may sneak inside, snack on crumbs, and multiply.
It’s important to know these signs of an infestation so you can promptly call for ant control services:

  • Live ants in your pantry or cupboards
  • An ant parade inside your home
  • Ants quickly flocking to any food that is left out
  • Evidence of an ant colony in your yard
  • Rustling noises in your walls at night
  • Wood shavings or sawdust on your floor

Ants are social insects and work together to gather information and communicate through pheromones. Locating them and their nests may be challenging, so a quick reaction is most effective for ant control. Call Rainbow Pest Control immediately for a prompt response and solution to your infestation.


Prevent Ants from Entering Your Home

Ants are constantly searching for food. Keeping your home neat and tidy will help keep them away. Follow these steps to help prevent ants from entering your home:

  • Promptly clean dirty dishes
  • Regularly vacuum floors
  • Address any food or liquid spills immediately
  • Clean the interior and exterior of trash cans
  • Keep pet dishes clean

Taking these preventive steps will help reduce the number of ants that enter your home. Unfortunately, nothing is 100% effective, and you may still need to give the pros at Rainbow Pest Control a call for professional ant control services.

Why Work with Professionals?

When you have an ant infestation, trust the services of a trained and experienced exterminator who will identify the type of ant problem you have. At Rainbow Pest Control, our team will examine the signs of infestation and recommend the necessary treatment to eliminate it.
We’ll remove any nests and seal off your home to prevent the colony from returning. Our ant control experts will provide helpful advice for preventing future infestations and protecting your family and home or business. Depend on our experts to take care of your property while delivering exceptional customer service.


Take Control of Your Ant Problem

Although ants cause many problems after colonizing your home or business, their goal isn’t to destroy it. Their primary goal is to find food. If an ant finds food, it will bring the colony back to collect it. During this trek across your home, you may see a small line of these pests. This requires immediate attention from our experienced team at Rainbow Pest Control.
Call us today to schedule your free estimate and inspection and begin taking control of your ant problem.